Hello all, I hope that you are all well and still kicking. In today's update, we've been hard at work making some important improvements to PW Legends. Firstly, we've addressed the in-game vote system to ensure it functions seamlessly, giving you a more interactive and engaging experience. Additio
Hello all, in this update we did this:Buffed cleric ringsBuffed DB ringsBuffed Mystic rings(rings need recafting)Added reduce magic and psy to seekers (set bonus)Added reduce magic and psy to db (set bonus)Faction iconsDecrease resp time for bosses : Dragon`s End and Spider KingFrom now on accepting
Increased rewards for Legendary Rank - from 50 to 200 Purge Stones.Added Reward for Legendary Rank + 30x Heaven OrbsIncreased Teleport stones from 4 to 8 for the "chapter 4" of the (Cursed Labyrinth) Increased Rewards for Cursed Labyrinth now rewards 3x blue diamonds before it was 2xIncreased Reward
Hello, Here is how you get to 0 to Hero level 250 in the first 15 minutes: - To help in the conquest of us improving this server starting today we will run some special events for 14 days : 1) If you buy ΑΘΕ's for more or equal to 25 EURO you get 50% more ΑΘΕ's. Old reward for donating 25 eur
Hello, - In this update we fixed the requirements for the end game helmet    For those of you who already got it you can fix it Duke of Secrets : Demon- We multiplied the energy by 1000 to homestead- Guild icons updated- Added GFX on the 3 new arrows.Thank you for playing PW Legends,IGN Immortal.
Hello, In this patch we removed the All Title Book, because most of the time it was bugging, so now you can only buy the all title service from the website or get them in-game the old way.We added re-roll for the Immortal gear and new skins for arrows We also added new feature in the game to vote di
Hello, In this version we removed snow and fixed some items description. You can use auto download if you like the snow texture and the link below too remove the snow textures:Download patch 3 no snow
Hello! Bonjour! Willkommen! Ciao!Ohhh my goodness, we are so thrilled you decided to join the Perfect World Legends family! Hats off on making an excellent decision!You are now officially in the loop to hear all about our awesome server, new releases and maybe even a deal or two. If that's not excit
Thanks for checking this server out! Our goal is to make an enjoyable server with custom gear and grinding so that we can all have fun together.The server will open it's doors on 8th June 2020! Until then, if you like to support us with your votes, we promise we won't delete them. Besides that, we
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